welcome to maidens!!!
this site is a place where i express myself, hidden away from the hells of the real world! maidens is constructed using google chrome. sometimes webpages may look a lil bit funny due to me being eager and coding on a chromebook i use at school lol... (i am only capable of using the neocities editor when it comes to my chromebook) i am also self-taught when it comes to coding as it's simply something i do in my spare time! this site updates irregularly due to me being busy or having separate priorities, so don't expect me to be frequent unless i have a streak of motivation.

without further ado... please enjoy your stay!
about me
this just in!!!
maidens reboot starts with it's very own brand new homepage!!!
to-do list
   - about me page
   - make updates masterlist
   - machina x flayon shrine
   - make blog
   - add more graphics to homepage

characters featured: rune, anastasia, ish (even if tempest)
lace graphics found @ lovesick